Spotify comes to Xbox One and Apple Car Play

There are great news for Spotify users who love playing games on Microsoft consoles. Spotify is now available on Xbox One all around the world. The new integration means that millions of Xbox One gamers can now choose the perfect music from Spotify to provide a fresh soundtrack for every gaming session.

Spotify allows you to personalize your gaming experience through your saved music, pre curated gaming playlists and the full catalogue of Spotify music in the background, while in game. Simply play music on demand, whether you are a free or Premium Spotify user. Creating your personalised gaming soundtrack has never been so simple.

Also, starting from now Apple CarPlay supports Spotify app. It lets you take your favorite music along for the ride. And redesigned Spotify app allows you to put down your phone and play your music through your car`s controls. Try to mix your favorite misic with your friends using