Spotify brings music statistics for 2017

Winter is probably the best time of the year, as everybody has that magical holiday feeling. We all used to getting and giving presents to our closest people.

At the end of this year, Spotify decided to give a little surprise to us. The Wrapped feature is now available to give users insights into what they streamed over the past twelve months.

Personal stats are available to active users, but don’t worry if you just joined the service – you can still access playlists of most streamed songs and artists this year. On Wrapped Page it is possible to find most streamed tracks. Unsurprisingly, Spotify has given the dominance of blockbuster hits like “Shape of You” — Ed Sheeran has emerged as the platform’s most popular artist. Naturally, the summer hit “Despacito” also took a number of highly-ranked spots, with the remix and the original coming in at number two and three, respectively, for most streamed track. In addition, you can find such categories as Top Artists (Overall/Male/Female/Groups) and Top Tracks.

A lot of people decided to post the data from Spotify Wrapper on the social media pages to find if their friends share the same music tastes. However, there has to be a much simpler way to find it out! might be a perfect solution for those of us who organize parties or love to travel with friends and family. Subscribe for the BETA version and get started with Generate playlists which will satisfy tastes of all your friends!