- Can I use services other that Spotify?

Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable now. However, we are working to extend the number of services compatible with Rekl.be.

- Do I need Spotify Premium?

No! Rekl.be analyzes your musical preferences using information about what music you listen to the most frequent.

- How to use Rekl.be

On the Home page of Rekl.be there are two options: create and join the room.

a. If you want to create and manage your own room, you have to click Create. The next step is to write a name for your room. The following step is to share the roomkey with your friends (there are a few options: QR code, Telegram, Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp). After all people joined your room, you are able to generate a playlist, which will be automatically added to your Spotify. The playlist will have the same name as the room.

b. If you received an invitation to the room, just open the link and confirm that you want to join the room. As a guest, you also are able to generate a playlist.

- Where can I check my previous rooms?

On the Home page, there is a History section, where users can monitor their activities. Number of rooms displayed is limited to 6. You are able to delete rooms from your History by clicking on the delete button. If you delete the room, created by you, it will be deleted from every Rekl.be account. If you were invited to the room, deleting it will just remove it from your History.

- What is the maximum capacity of the room?

At this point, single room can accommodate maximum 5 people. However, we might increase this number upon users' requests.

- How many songs are in a generated playlist?

The number of songs depends on a lot of factors, such as number of people in the room, musical preferences, how active Spotify users are, etc. However, in general the average number is 40.