Combine your music tastes

Service that generates playlists for a group of people according to their common music tastes - listen to music with friends

How works

Login with Spotify

Login to using your Spotify account. You don’t need to have premium to access all our features!

Create a room

Create a room for your event and invite friends. All they need is just to login. It has never been so easy!

Generate playlist

After all your friends are in the room just click Generate Playlist. Playlist will be automatically added to your Spotify account.

Save your time is the first service that generates playlists for a group of people using their common music tastes. With there is no more time wasted on deciding which song to play. Spend time with your family and friends instead.

Get what you want

Decide who is going to join your room and let us deal with the music. We guarantee that listening to playlist everybody’s tastes will be satisfied.

Let everyone to contribute

Invite your friends to a room or share a room number with them. Whether you organize a party or a car trip make sure that your event attracts everybody.


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